22 April 2019  11:55

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Walk News

New Group Walks in Ampthill

Every Wednesday from Katherines House, Dunstable Street 

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RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

On Saturday 26 January, come along to the Travel Choices Hub to discover the best birdwatching walks in Central Bedfordshire and lots more!

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Councillor Ian Dalgarno helps to make Mondays a little happier in Central Bedfordshire.

BBC 3CR's Nana Akua speaks to Central Bedfordshire's Cllr Ian Dalgarno about recycled bikes and the Santa Challenge 2018

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Central Bedfordshire children swap a school ride for a school stride during Walk to School Week

Schools throughout Central Bedfordshire got active on their way to school during ‘Walk to School Week’, which was held from 21-25 May. Central Bedfordshire Council supported over 2,000 local pupils by supplying classes with Walk to School Week resource packs.  

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Central Bedfordshire schools will pedal and scoot around the world in 10 days!

Schools across Central Bedfordshire are encouraging children, teachers and parents to jump on their bikes and scooters to take part in The Big Pedal which is a national challenge between schools to get more young people cycling and scooting.

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Led walk in Dunstable

Join us for some fresh air and friendship each Tuesday on our led walk.

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